Why DeFStAr is down.

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Why DeFStAr is down.

Post by Southpaw Slim » Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:18 am

I've come to the realization that looking for a host with the right versions of all the required scripting languages and databases is more work than just updating the code. Unfortunately, all the configuration files are stuck on my desktop which has completely bitten the dust. I need a new computer to get everything back online. Since I'm only barely able to cover my rent, it will have to wait.

Thanks to Peter and Ken for getting some boxscores up in the interim. If anyone is throwing out a desktop, even an old and crappy nobody-could-possibly-make-any-good-use-of-this-old-piece-of-shit one, and would like to donate it to the league, I can continue development on the site and more importantly get our kick-ass stat archive back online.
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